Blue J's were founded out of our love of baseball and cannabis. Our founders are large fans' of the Toronto Blue Jays and this inspired our commitment to create the nation's first blue joint.  Our main goals while creating Blue J's, were to ensure they burned longer than other cones, did not affect the taste of the flower, and were 100% safe to consume. After months of researching and handcrafting, Blue J's was created in 2018.   Blue J's are currently in 65+ stores across Michigan and rapidly expanding into nearby states. Our inspiring testimonials show that consumers who make the switch to Blue J's, advocate for our cones and continue to use them regularly.  

Our mission is be the leader through example and quality in the paper industry by creating a unique and defining smoking experience for all users. Blue J’s has innovated and revolutionized the lifestyle community by creating products that are natural and organically designed to enhance the smoking experience. Being one of the very few blue cones on the market, Blue J's stand for change and constantly pushes to inspire individuals to embrace what makes them different.


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